Publications and events

‘Big Hi from the Planning Dept) published in Streetcake magazine (November 2022)
Reading: open mic at Cheltenham Poetry Festival inline (7 November)
Reading:: open mic at Cheltenham Poetry Festival inline (15 October)
Reading: live at Coda, Colchester, supporting the Wicked Ravens album launch (30 September)
‘Soliloquy for the Old Crew’, published at (May 2022)
Reading: Sudbury Poets, Sudbury (9 May)
Music and spoken word – compositions for A Study of a Long-Lived Magma Ocean on a Young Moon, (April 2022)
A Study of a Long-Lived Magma Ocean on a Young Moon,
pamphlet of poetry and asemic artworks in collaboration with Ella Johnston, Dunlin Press (April 2022).
End of Music,
pamphlet, Black Light Engine Room press (February 2022).

‘Goodbye Blackfriars Bridge’ and ‘What is to be Done?’ in The Luas is Free: Beir Bua Press 2021 Anthology (Beir Bua Press, December 2021).
Reading and discussion: ‘Meet me at the crossroads – A journey in poetry and music’ for Suffolk Poetry Society, forthcoming, 12 September.
‘Dead Rock Stars (80s Mix)’ sequence of five poems, in DREICH 9, Season 3 (September, 2021).
Reading and Q&A, Beir Bua authors online book launch, 29 August.
he Zircon Ferries, short collection, Beir Bua Press (2020)
‘Cut Your Hair (Remix)’, ‘Cut Your Hair (Dub)’ and ‘Can, Oh Yeah (Cover) published at Beir Bua (August)
Reading: two short poems at the 7th Festival of Suffolk Poetry, 8 May
‘In a Downbeat Afternoon’, at, March
Review of Pomes Flixus in London Grip, March

Pomes Flixus, editor’s pick of 2020 at Stride Magazine.
Review of What I Do  byJames Kelman and The Review by Martin Stannard for The Lonely Crowd‘s Books of the Year 2020
‘Found Poem for Philip Glass’, ‘David, Again’ and ‘Music of the Woods’, in The Lonely Crowd, December 2020
‘Remembering this occasion is ours’: Pomes Flixus and The Orphaned Spaces reviewed in Stride Magazine.
‘Talkin’ Ramblin’ Anthropocene Poetry Blues’ and ‘Some Start Fires’, in Chaos anthology (Patrician Press, 2020)
Reading: Flixfest, series of online video performances to support the launch of Pomes Flixus, 25 May
Pomes Flixus, Dunlin Press, 2020
Reading: Wivenhoe Lockdown Festival, 27 April

‘Blue Truth’, at Visual Verse, Volume 7, Chapter 2, (December 2019)
‘Outward, Bound’, in The Cormorant, Issue 4, December 2019
‘Verb’, in The High Window, Winter 2019
Editor: The Greatest Living Englishman, autobiography of musician and poet Martin Newell, Autumn Girl books (2019)
Reading: Small Publishers Fair, for the London launch of Port, Conway Hall, London, 16 November
Reading: Poetry in Aldeburgh, for the launch of the Port anthology and the Coast to Coast to Coast special edition, Peter Pears Gallery, Aldeburgh, 8 November
Port, a Dunlin Press anthology of poetry and prose (November 2019)
‘Hythe Quay, Essex, 5 July, 2.15pm’, in Coast to Coast to Coast, special Aldeburgh edition (November 2019)
‘The Estuary from a Train’, in Marble, Issue 5
‘The Force of a Leaf’, in The Mechanics’ Institute Review, Issue 16 (September 2019)
‘The Hill Village’, in the anthology The Cottongrass Appreciation Society, Maytree Press (2019)
‘Wild Swimming’, in Under the Radar, Issue 24 (September 2019
‘Equals’, in The Blue Nib, Issue 39 (Summer 2019)
‘Same Old Nowhere’, ‘A Pincer Movement’, and ‘Stet’, in the anthology Pondweed, Greenteeth Press (2019)
Reading: Border Crossing, with Poetrywivenhoe (hosts) and Suffolk Poetry Society, Wivenhoe, 23 May
Reading: Foyles bookshop, Chelmsford, Essex, poems from Tempest, 5 March
Reading: The Art Exhange, University of Essex, for the launch of Tempest, 5 March
Reading: Bookmarks bookshop, London, for the launch of Tempest, 1 March
‘Temple for Mithras’ and ‘Calypso’ in the anthology Tempest, Patrician Press (March 2019).

‘As a Ghost’ in the Remembrance Day for Lost Species pamphlet for Sea Shepherd UK
Reading: Aldeburgh Poetry Festival, a Magma and Coast to Coast to Coast event with Rebecca Gethin, Polly Atkin and James Goodman, 4 November
‘What Makes It Real’, in Envoi (Issue 180, October 2018)
Reading: University of Essex, Literature, Film and Theatre studies Department, 2 October
‘There are No Mountains’, displayed at Marsden Walking Weekend / Poetry and Place event
The Orphaned Spaces, Dunlin Press, 2018
Compere: Poetrywivenhoe, Ekphrasis project with Mosaic Stanza group, Colchester, 29 June
Reading: New Town, Colchester, community day opened by John Cooper Clarke
‘Caution Please’, in The Stinging Fly (Issue 38, Volume 2, Summer 2018)
‘A Viewfinder’, in The Poetry Village (May 2018)
Reading: Poetrywivenhoe, with guest poet Rebecca Watts, Wivenhoe, Essex, 26 April
Reading: Crossing Borders II, with Poetrywivenhoe, Suffolk Poetry Society (hosts), University of Suffolk, Ipswich, 25 April
Compere: Poetrywivenhoe, with guest poet John Greening, 22 March
‘Request Stop’, highly commended, Ways With Words, Words By the Water poetry competition 2018
‘Unsaid’, in London Grip, February 2018
Chair: Writing the Place, with Syd Moore (noveslist), Robin Brooks (radio dramatist) and Nicola Werenowska (playwright), Essex Book Festival, FirstSite, Colchester, 4 March
Reading: launch of Towards the Light: Poems of Reconciliation, Essex Book Festival, The Minories, Colchester, 3 March
‘Tomorrow’s Flowers’ and ‘Les Fleurs de Demain’ (trs) in Towards the Light: Poems of Reconciliation, ed. Vivien Whelpton, Kapaju Books, March 2018
‘An Anniversary’, in The Sentinel Literary Quarterly, Issue: January-March 2018
Compere: Poetrywivenhoe, with guest poet Kit Wright, 25 January

Reading: launch of Coast to Coast to Coast, Issue 2, at Open Eye Gallery, Liverpool, 19 December
‘Ways’ in Coast to Coast to Coast, Issue 2, eds. Maria Isakova Bennett and Michael Brown
Reading: at The Great Big Poetry Open Mic, with David Canning, Essex Poetry Festival, 11 October
Speaking/host: launch of Priced Out, by Tinsel Edwards, Atom Gallery, London, 3 August
Editor: Priced Out, by Tinsel Edwards, Dunlin Press
Reading: Poetrywivenhoe, 25 May
Interviewed: ‘Poems Wirth Crowing About’, in Colchester Gazette, 14 April
Reading: Poetry Aloud, Bury St Edmunds, 28 March
Reading: Crossing Borders, with Poetrywivenhoe, Suffolk Poetry Society (hosts), University of Suffolk, Ipswich, 21 March
Reading: launch of Scarecrow, Wivenhoe Bookshop, Wivenhoe, 17 March
Scarecrow, debut collection, Dunlin Press, March
‘Day Lilies’ in The Interpreter’s House, Issue 64, February

MW Bewick Scarecrow


The Orphaned Spaces

20181223_172205Remembrance Day for Lost Species




The Stinging Fly


Towards the Light: Poems of Reconciliation


The Sentinel Literary Quarterly

Coast to Coast to Coast


The Interpreter’s House


The Migrant Waders


Est: Collected Reports from East Anglia


From the City to the Saltings: Poems from Essex


Smoke: A London Peculiar

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