100-word fiction: ‘Those Eyes’

It was for the country, not any individual. He was a friend not an enemy. He was on holiday not business. She did not want money she wanted help for a personal project. He was a political ally not a friend. It was not a closed enquiry, it was open and transparent. It was notContinue reading “100-word fiction: ‘Those Eyes’”

100-word fiction: ‘What People Want’

“People are scared. This is what I know. People are scared for so many different reasons. People think they deserve so much. They tell you so, saying they are good people and hard-working. People want to feel protected. They will confide this. They say they need protecting from all kinds of enemy and hardship. PeopleContinue reading “100-word fiction: ‘What People Want’”

100-word fiction: ’34 Years’

The radio said the missile tests were a direct threat. There was rhetoric too: the nations of the free world would not stand idly by. In the street, a man shouted to neighbours that the sunshine was set to last. A couple were watering the pot plants in their garden. They’d now been married forContinue reading “100-word fiction: ’34 Years’”

100-word fiction: ‘On the Attack’

They were on the attack; shots rained in. Soon each side would assess the casualties, know who was defeated. It had all been going on too long; it felt senseless, stupid. Days ago he had felt optimistic but now reports were coming through on the radio about yet another loss. He wanted it to beContinue reading “100-word fiction: ‘On the Attack’”

100-word fiction: ‘Criminals’

Ah they can ahl ga an fuck emselves eh. They wuz ahlwez on the mayk anywez an if ye believed they wuz in it fer you then ye wuz an idiot eh cuz they’re ahl fuckn cunts. Divvent matter which wun uv em ye fuckn shout for cuz they’re ahl the fuckn same. They sitContinue reading “100-word fiction: ‘Criminals’”

Pocket Money – 100-word fiction

The hangover was killing. He couldn’t imagine it would ever be over. He needed to join a gym, eat more healthily and never get too drunk again. These were the consequences: his actions, his fault. What he needed now though was a packet of crisps and a can of coke. The checkout girl was yawningContinue reading “Pocket Money – 100-word fiction”