Review: ‘Nostalgia Opera & Streetside Meat,’ by Ford Dagenham

How’s your poetry social media looking? Overflowing with prizes and pamphlets? The birdsong and death rattle of submissions windows opening and closing? A landfill of small successes and failures? A rising ocean of ennui and angst? No? Just me? As a previous post suggests, it all gets a bit intense and overhyped sometimes. But sometimesContinue reading “Review: ‘Nostalgia Opera & Streetside Meat,’ by Ford Dagenham”

A Study of a Long-lived Magma Ocean on a Young Moon

I have some new writing out. A Study of a Long-lived Magma Ocean on a Young Moon is a pamphlet created with Ella Johnston and published through our little ol’ Dunlin Press. Ella has contributed asemic writing/art and I’ve added the words. The title comes from a scientific paper, and we riffed on it. AndContinue reading “A Study of a Long-lived Magma Ocean on a Young Moon”

The meaning of The Zircon Ferries

From the foreword to The Zircon Ferries, published by Beir Bua Press: The poems, writings, texts – I’m not too concerned with definitions – in this short collection of recent work is purposely heteroglossic. Or maybe that’s polyphonous, or dialogic, in its multifarious registers of language. It encompasses instances of office jargon, marketing strategy terminology,Continue reading “The meaning of The Zircon Ferries”

Reading from The Zircon Ferries

Poems featured: ‘What is to be Done?’‘A Partition of Times’‘Object-Oriented’‘The Shudder of the New’ Referencing: Lenin, Beeching, cosmists, Rancière, common time, OOO, Graham Harman, Harman, Hegel, Deleuze, cheese sandwiches, Heidegger, Warhol, James Kelman, Wivenhoe, and more. MWB

The Zircon Ferries, a new pamphlet by MW Bewick

Totally excited to announce that I have a new longish-pamphlet of poems, The Zircon Ferries, coming out at the end of August 2021 with the incredible Beir Bua Press. The press, based in Co. Tipperary, is run by award-winning poet Michelle Moloney King. It’s the publishing press of sister site Beir Bua Journal and publishesContinue reading “The Zircon Ferries, a new pamphlet by MW Bewick”

Some Comments on Fred Frith

Fred Frith writes music with titles such as ‘No Birds’ and ‘The As Usual Dance Towards the Other Flight to What is Not’. He prepares and plays guitars with drum sticks, ping pong balls, ribbons, anything. He is an expert with delay. Fred Frith is an experiment. Are there rules? What are the rules? NeedContinue reading “Some Comments on Fred Frith”