100-Word Fiction: ‘If Time Can Stop’

When the train stops, time stops; that’s what they say around here. Worlds end and the unimaginable begins. We are smoked out into knowledge from the dark and the dust.

But we are inconsistent, hypocritical, shallow. In other cities the same trains stop and the same people wait, forever at the platform. Frozen in grief as the world flashes by in a crimson kaleidoscope of glass shards.

We file by as events parade past – escalators to opposite outcomes.

This afternoon I found one of your hairs on the floor. I picked it up. But you are no longer here.

Published by MW Bewick

Writer of poetry and place; editor and journalist. Co-founder of Dunlin Press. Books including Pomes Flixus, The Orphaned Spaces and Scarecrow are available from http://dunlinpress.bigcartel.com

3 thoughts on “100-Word Fiction: ‘If Time Can Stop’

  1. hi MW,
    my name is roger, i’ve started something of a literary journal at indood.com
    with your permission i’d like to feature this piece there. i would link the byline back to this blog….
    send me an email if you’re interested: roger@indood.com

    1. Hi Roger, nice site you have there. Yep, will be happy for it to feature with an MW Bewick byline and link. Will have a longer look at the site shortly.

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