A Study of a Long-lived Magma Ocean on a Young Moon

I have some new writing out. A Study of a Long-lived Magma Ocean on a Young Moon is a pamphlet created with Ella Johnston and published through our little ol’ Dunlin Press. Ella has contributed asemic writing/art and I’ve added the words. The title comes from a scientific paper, and we riffed on it.

And when I say we riffed on it, I mean we not only produced the words and images for the pamphlet, we also produced large-scale paintings, ceramic objects and video (Ella) and a soundtrack album (me).

Taking the lead from Ella’s asemic pieces for both the pages and the gallery walls, in which ink lines and shapes are applied quickly to paper, we also worked quickly and edited lightly across all the media and materials that went into the Young Moon project. The poetry in the pamphlet is a collage of found words and phrases from scientific texts, and rounded with immediate thoughts and automatic writing, and the music was mostly improvised and recorded in single takes, with minimal editing and mastering. 

The whole project has been fun and a positive exercise in working with a great sense of unburdened freedom. A lesson to remember! I’m also really pleased with how it’s all turned out.

You can get a copy of the limited edition pamphlet from the Dunlin Press shop, here.

Published by MW Bewick

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