100-Word Fiction: ‘Those Who Got Out’

They fell into the light of the streets from behind the flag and the window logos the smell of roasted coffee beans never to be smelled again with outstretched arms like elated and some fast some slow and some hobbling some skipping like no one could remember how to walk faces all contorted like expressing anything had been forgotten in the long hours when everything everything outside had been cancelled and the brave and the scared all looked at each other or were afraid to look and the ones who tried to text for help and those who got… out…

100-Word Fiction: ‘A Thesis’

His thesis, written in the 1960s, argued that any embodiment of the word ‘refugee’ struck terror into human hearts and minds. Whether a refugee fled persecution on account of race, religion, nationality or political opinion did not matter. To understand the predicament, examples of geography could be avoided: in fact, any person who sought refuge in any ‘other’ presented a conundrum for humans who liked to keep things in their place. Refugees from ideology, food groups or popular culture, for example, also aroused suspicion. Soon, he too sought refuge – from academia – and his thesis was buried until he had died.