100-Word Fiction: ‘Night Shifts’

Dreaming of Cairo, so I thought, and I was on some concrete balcony at the edge of the desert, with the city in the distance, illuminated by explosions – and the death-rattle of guns and screaming missiles echoed across the void between me and… them. I peered harder and saw that the explosions were fireworks,Continue reading “100-Word Fiction: ‘Night Shifts’”

100-Word Fiction: ‘There are No Airports in Zamalek’

The icon on the map says airport, but there are no airports in Zamalek. There are lights in the sky though, from over the river at Salah Salem to the Marriott where westerners eat ful. Helicopters, flares and buckshot bring fireworks. The reports say the streets are filled with protestors and their cars – taxiContinue reading “100-Word Fiction: ‘There are No Airports in Zamalek’”

100-Word Fiction: ‘In the Museum’

We are waiting for something to happen. It has been weeks. What will be the endpoint of this struggle? There is no point in asking. Not now. Everywhere becomes a museum, eventually. We should know, we live in one. Grown out of the craters of the past. There is a natural cycle. The museums areContinue reading “100-Word Fiction: ‘In the Museum’”

100-Word Fiction: ‘At risk of repeating’

Times change so slowly. They would shiver if they thought about it. In February, when the squares are full and the bridges heave with sighs, they want freedom, no less. Have you visited there on holiday? asks a colleague. Yes. They know they deserve a break. Is this just their week in the sun? HowContinue reading “100-Word Fiction: ‘At risk of repeating’”

100-Word Fiction: ‘Cairo’

Day Four: The hotel lobby is cool. The internet connection is slow and staff are hovering, scowling, grumbling. There are no flights out of Africa for days – news reports say a week, airlines say nothing until next month. At the rooftop pool the air is choking thick with smog and the ten-lane jam ofContinue reading “100-Word Fiction: ‘Cairo’”