100-Word Fiction: ‘Kepler 2’

I am still out there, spinning. I don’t want to shackle the sun. That desire is gone. But gravitational pull is good and every day needs lit, surely. There are smaller stars: brighter clusters of light with common origins and achievable distances. I have spotted them in the ecliptic plane. I had never seen them before. Of course what people say I want is for some planetary object to orbit around me. Me! It’s what everyone wants, isn’t it? Those interstellar gyroscopic reaction wheels. Those star forming regions of space. They just keep on pulling and pushing, creating and destroying.

100-Word Fiction: ‘Kepler 1’

Have a drink while we spin around a star.

If I am alive!

You are, if not unique. Welcome, in any case. Our galaxy contains at least 2 billion planets just like Earth – and you arrive here.

Where else? I put myself first. As the suns light my mornings, I like to get to the pool early. No man can cling to a dismal rock for eternity.

How’s the water?

Thank you for the drink. Your words, however, unnerve me. I’m not here by chance.

You are tired.

I’ve been orbiting my parents for a lifetime. Of course I’m tired.