100-Word Fiction: ‘WTF’

I was at breakfast, on the morning of Mike and Joe’s wedding – feeling happily smug that the world we live in ain’t like it used to be, no Sirree – when the news broke on the telly that a local councillor had claimed that the recent storms and floods were ‘divine retribution for the government’s decision to legalise gay marriage’. I was like WTF, really? Limp muesli spluttering. Cup of weak hotel coffee rattling. But outside, while snowdrops quivered in the breeze, the sun was already high in a crystal sky, the flea markets were busy, and someone was singing joyfully.

100-Word Fiction: ‘Plato Laughed’

Argue it hard, said Socrates, puffing on a pipe. Argue it well. Argue it endlessly. Because they will forget. They will muscle in ideas, weedle out flaws, overstate detail, underestimate the nuances. But most of all they will forget. They will forget the logic, deny experience, erase memory, bury the truths of our lives. They will squander knowledge, decry society, berate individuals, make tragedy of our success, rewrite the symposium, wreck the republic and denounce our love.

Plato laughed and kissed him:

I will write that we loved and that love is indivisible, he said.

The sky was ashen, grey.