100-Word Fiction: ‘Association Games / B-Side’

There were words that disappeared. I contemplated whether it was better to forget them in any case, at this moment. In place of words, handshakes were greeted with smiles, flags were waved joyously. A scoreless draw of an association football game, with fans in fiesta mood, did not reflect the volatility of the nation statesContinue reading “100-Word Fiction: ‘Association Games / B-Side’”

100-Word Fiction: ‘Association Games / A-Side’

We played word association games: Levant? Stump. Stump? Sounds. Sounds? Music magazine. Magazine? Cover mount. Cover mount? Flexidisc. Felxidisc? Vinyl. Vinyl? Black. Black? Black. Is this working? Sorry can we go back to Stump? Stump? Stump? Chart Show. Chart Show? Channel 4. Channel 4? TV. TV? Music. Music? Indie. Indie? Sounds. Sounds? Stump. Stump? IceContinue reading “100-Word Fiction: ‘Association Games / A-Side’”