100-Word Fiction: ‘Sequences’

First it was what was written. She will not look, she will not look. And get out of this city but once and for all. Yet where, where? Then it was what was done in response. Fleeing from the people who are everywhere, into their arms, out from their arms, delivered, how, how? Then cameContinue reading “100-Word Fiction: ‘Sequences’”

100-Word Fiction: ‘Signs and Codes’

Exercise No. 1: Image: A fairytale castle. Words: This castle does not exist. Image: A townscape. Words: The city is at risk. Image: A man in a hat. Words: This picture is believed to have been taken in the past few weeks. Image: A man in a different hat. Words: Freedom. Image: A toy helicopter.Continue reading “100-Word Fiction: ‘Signs and Codes’”