100-Word Fiction: ‘The Disappeared’

With one small bag and no note he became the next of the disappeared. He was seventeen. They searched for him on maps but the maps were empty and sand covered them. They searched for him across websites but found only redacted rhetoric. He was gone. And he was gone before he was gone. TheContinue reading “100-Word Fiction: ‘The Disappeared’”

100-Word Fiction: ‘We Knew What We Were Doing’

So right we knew he’d lost control of the class yeah, and what we said was that we could get to him and make him snap. You know. We had planned it like. He was a nutter, man. Crazy. Everyone knew. Even the teachers. You could hear them saying things and when he came backContinue reading “100-Word Fiction: ‘We Knew What We Were Doing’”

100-Word Fiction: New Term

Outside the school leaves were on the ground, all green and orange and yellow. A group of adults were talking on the corner by the bench that you could jump from. They had deep, grown-up voices and were saying things about stuff – countries in the world and money and things. Oh, the world isContinue reading “100-Word Fiction: New Term”