100-Word Fiction: ‘Approaching the 10th Parallel’

Field medics report, come in? come in? [crackles]

We are hearing you. What medicines do you require? Over.

Command suitable retaliation. Use aggressive force. Come in?

Use aggressive medicine? Over.

There has been an interstitial interruption between spaces of matter.

Check. Over.

There are holes blown. We cannot hear, clear…

Receiving. Medic coordinates? Over.

10th parallel. There is a…

What medicines do you require? Over.

There is a, jesus [crackles]…

Actioning reinforcements. What medicines do you require? Over.

There is a… action aggressive, come in?

What medicines? Over.

There is a hole, jesus, all the way along.

10th paralell, over?

100-Word Fiction: ‘September’

The weather was changeable. Some people said the summer was over but, depending on where in the world your eyes were focused, a different picture emerged. The newspapers said it was still silly season. TV ads said it was back to school time. The cricket and the football seasons ran in parallel. In a photo on the internet all the trees’ leaves were lush and green. But that was May. Now, outside, the leaves had started to curl at the edges and yellow. Maybe everything would fade into white and September would crumble into dust. The forecast was for storms.