100-Word Fiction: ‘I Knew You’

I knew you for a while but not for as long as before, or after. Oh, the after, it goes on. Each summer the sunflowers and the roads. Rains in the North and the heat of the South. Mountains rise and rise. Summer. We shared those of course – a handful, a decade, just. TalkingContinue reading “100-Word Fiction: ‘I Knew You’”

100-word fiction: ‘He Rides Bicycles’

He was a machine, that’s what people said. So powerful – and everything tested, tuned, synchronised. They said he was in perfect shape. He said it was all about the timing: it was in the mind, not the legs. You looked at him and wondered what thoughts went through his head as he crossed theContinue reading “100-word fiction: ‘He Rides Bicycles’”