100-Word Fiction: ‘How Long I Walked’

Today, as they talked, I again took notes. The records will show I wrote:

‘[I] believe that if the P___ leadership adheres to continuous negotiations, despite the obstacles that are coming up on every side, and if it is serious and determined in its intention to advance towards peace, just as we are serious, then it will be possible to, within a year, reach a framework that will be the basis for a peace settlement.”

Later I walked out along the cliffs. The sky was blue and I enjoyed the breeze. But a deep sadness is on the horizon. Again.

100-Word Fiction: ‘He Walked Away’

As he walked away from the football fields he heard a cheer. One of the kids must have scored. He looked at the time on his phone: it was fine, he’d be in the pub in twenty. Sometimes he wondered whether his own boy liked playing football. How old would he be now? Nine, maybe ten? Sarah had made it so difficult though. Splitting up was difficult. She’d taken him. It was better if you just stayed away – and they would be okay for money. Her family would help. What could he do anyway? He was skint. He couldn’t help.