100-Word Fiction: ‘So I Got My Head Kicked In, But I Was Asking For It (Redux version)

So I went to this dodgy pub and at the bar this fella gives me grief. But I chat to him then we’re having a laugh and he buys me a pint. Later I’m with my mates and he keeps looking over. At closing time he starts chatting again, pissed. I don’t want any aggro so I go along with what he’s saying. We get the same bus, but when we get off things turn nasty and he knocks me over and starts kicking my head and won’t stop. But it’s not a ‘serious’ kicking: I was asking for it.

100-Word Fiction: ‘The Cave’

For many years we have lived a cave. We have been chained, our heads fixed, our gaze transfixed. We have watched shadows, believing them to be real. We have heard echoes, believing them to be true. We have been entrapped by reflections of reality, thinking we understood the nature of the world and that society depended on those shadows.

What would happen if we were released? If we saw the truth that cast the shadows? If we looked into the light of the fire? Would we stand up and turn towards the sun? Would we wish a return to darkness?