100-Word Fiction: ‘There Is Nothing We Can Do’

The internet, said the man at the front of the room, affects revenue streams. How do we rise to the digital challenge? People want interaction. People’s opinion counts. All news is old news. We know what the score is. Yes. It’s about market to market valuations and the rise of the dollar against sterling. We have misjudged assets to the cost of £24 million in a year through bad trading on currencies. I’m sorry. We’re all sorry. For the readers of our beloved newspaper too. There is no one wants to say this less than me: let the redundancies commence!

One thought on “100-Word Fiction: ‘There Is Nothing We Can Do’

  1. There’s another way that sees the current turmoil in the economy, politics and society as the age of adventure rather than the age of austerity. The old economy is dead. We can build a new economy through regeneration rather than retrenchment. We need an end to the dark dystopia of Brown’s Britain.

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