100-Word Fiction: ‘When It Changes, It Changes Quickly’

It’s not that I used to believe you and that now I don’t. Or that I thought you were amusing whereas now you infuriate me. I never thought you spoke the truth. It was clear that everything you did was a sham. Maybe you helped pass the time, or maybe I thought… what did I think? I don’t know. But the revelations don’t surprise me, not one bit. When I found out, well, it all made sense. It was like I’d always known. Maybe I had. Deep down. Only one thing has changed. Now it stops. It’s over. Done. Finished.

100-Word Fiction: ‘There Is Nothing We Can Do’

The internet, said the man at the front of the room, affects revenue streams. How do we rise to the digital challenge? People want interaction. People’s opinion counts. All news is old news. We know what the score is. Yes. It’s about market to market valuations and the rise of the dollar against sterling. We have misjudged assets to the cost of £24 million in a year through bad trading on currencies. I’m sorry. We’re all sorry. For the readers of our beloved newspaper too. There is no one wants to say this less than me: let the redundancies commence!