100-Word Fiction: ‘They Loved Him Once’

He was the sort of guy that, for some reason, even though he had at one time been immensely popular, and even though his sheer enthusiasm to do things differently and better had won him all kinds of support and a deep well of trust, could suddenly, spectacularly, lose his appeal. Certain actions (and perhaps some of the relationships he had formed) were deemed, not only by his enemies but by those previously well disposed to him, as having been unforgivable, and the more he protested his innocence, and even proffered gifts, the more everyone’s hatred of him would deepen.

100-Word Fiction: ‘Toil and Trouble’

For my toils they will all feel trouble. Thrice those patchy pussycats mewed for my help. Those poisonous toads, serpents, yapping lazy dogs. Come drink from this charmed pot and see if you sleep so well. Within these pages is a hell-broth; for I make powerful magic. My trickery prophesied all – the spell was cast long ago, but you did not see. You two, the king and the prince, had always murdered victory. One of you too sure, the other so uncertain, with true power not secured. But I will not be the ghost at a feast. So, read on…

100-Word Fiction: My Name Is Tony

My name is Tony. I come from a family of actors, shipyard workers and grocers. My father worked as a tax inspector and became a law lecturer at one of the country’s most esteemed universities. I studied law too and graduated with a second class degree. But I always had higher ambitions. I have faith, but that is a private matter: I only know that God will judge me. I have done terrible, terrible things. Like my alibis, I am no longer anywhere to be seen. I exist. I make vast amounts of money. And I am still settling scores.