100-Word Fiction: ‘You Inspire Me So Much, And You Make Me Want To Just Take Everything And, Y’Know…’

Must work harder
be better
see clearer
must be fairer
more even
must take more time
drink less tea
and beer
or more tea
and must be
more sociable
and read more
read quicker
think smarter
think deeper
have ideas
react better
don’t worry so much
just do it
fear less
dash the consequences
look ahead
predict more
aim true
keep focused
know more
or less
love truly
care honestly
think of others
think of myself
take myself seriously
and lightly
and be good
and so on
and so on
and so on

100-Word Fiction: My Name Is Tony

My name is Tony. I come from a family of actors, shipyard workers and grocers. My father worked as a tax inspector and became a law lecturer at one of the country’s most esteemed universities. I studied law too and graduated with a second class degree. But I always had higher ambitions. I have faith, but that is a private matter: I only know that God will judge me. I have done terrible, terrible things. Like my alibis, I am no longer anywhere to be seen. I exist. I make vast amounts of money. And I am still settling scores.