100-Word Fiction: ‘Here It Comes’

Here it comes: the football back on telly, the root around the wardrobe for a jacket, the predictions for the bank holiday weekend weather, the TV trailers for autumn’s best viewing. It feels like a final sign-off. You will hear no more from us until Christmas. What you haven’t got done won’t get done. And it has come early this year. As if hibernation is a given. We are not done. We cannot sleep. We cannot rest. We are still blowing craters into history, watching an endemic virus become pandemic, rescuing the refugees. Our nights cannot be darker, not yet.

100-Word Fiction: ‘And If I Do Not Speak’

I can’t get into it, said Alex, shaking his head, turning his palms upward. The conversation is one that is built around a vocabulary linked inextricably to a standardised and, yes, populist argument put forward by the ruling classes. It doesn’t matter which side you take in the argument, the fact that you’re using their words is always used against you to prove you’ve accepted their terms, accepted the proposal, the game. You’re midwife to the delivery of your own subjugation. But let me ask you a question: do you think silence is really just silence? Or something else?

100-Word Fiction: ‘If At Times There Is Not Enough Time’

Please please just stop it with this talk of tunnels and fences and walls and rubble and rockets and us and them and who is stronger and who said what first and what might happen only if and all about the media and bias and how you keep interrupting and making accusations and that everyone is wrong and that the terrorists are elsewhere and use civilians and not you and that there is right or wrong because it is not words not words and the real blood is there not words it is children the blood of children nothing else nothing.

100-Word Fiction: ‘The Missiles Over Gaza’

Soviet-era artillery rockets
Heavy mortars
Grad rockets
Qassam rockets
Longer-range Fajr-5s
Khaibar-1s from Syria
Israeli B-300 shoulder-launched rockets
Matador shoulder-launched rockets from Singapore
Mk 47 Strikers from the United States
Spike anti-tank missiles from Israel
M-47 Dragon anti-tank missiles from the United States
M270 Multiple rocket launchers from the United States
FIM-92 Stinger shoulder-launched surface-to-air missiles from the United States
US Patriot and Hawk surface-to-air missiles
Israeli Spice glide bombs, Penetration bombs and cluster bombs
Israeli B500A1 laser-guided hard-target penetration bombs
US AGM-114 Hellfire air-to-surface anti-tank missiles

100-Word Fiction: ‘But If It Is What We Believe’

You must believe that what we did was not wrong.
You must believe that we did not what was wrong.
What you must believe… that we did… was not wrong.
Must you believe that what we did was not wrong?
You must not believe that what we did was wrong.

What was wrong that we did you must not believe.
We must believe that what you did was not wrong.
Not what we did was wrong. You must believe that.
You believe not. What must we did that was wrong.
You must not believe that what we did was wrong.