100-Word Fiction: ‘Please Help Us’

From the sand. From the swiping of palms on commuter runs. From the tossed-off free-sheets. From the grinding trucks on dirt tracks. From the furnace hulls and eyes and mouths of salt. From the white hunchbacked desks. From the discounted cocktails and vapid pavements. From the tortuous late-night news-talk. From the canvas cells with torn copies of Les Trois Mousquetaires. From the idling security and high wire fences. From the shell-shocked and the white shell beaches. From the atomised to the atomised. From the blood histories and the sorrowful tomorrows, here, now.

Please help us.

100-Word Fiction: ‘The Off-Stage Terror’

The off-stage scream terrorises.

We are caught off-guard. On-stage actions cease.

Whose scream is it? Why has it occurred? What will the consequences be? What awful truth awaits us?

What does it mean?

It means things occur elsewhere.

It means we have been diverted.

It means we have been looking in the wrong place.

It means we are unready.

It means there are things we do not understand.

The writer or director has held back information. Or lied.

For a few moments we are convulsed with the realisation and horror of our own not-knowing.


The beheading was not filmed.

100-Word Fiction: ‘The Missiles Over Gaza’

Soviet-era artillery rockets
Heavy mortars
Grad rockets
Qassam rockets
Longer-range Fajr-5s
Khaibar-1s from Syria
Israeli B-300 shoulder-launched rockets
Matador shoulder-launched rockets from Singapore
Mk 47 Strikers from the United States
Spike anti-tank missiles from Israel
M-47 Dragon anti-tank missiles from the United States
M270 Multiple rocket launchers from the United States
FIM-92 Stinger shoulder-launched surface-to-air missiles from the United States
US Patriot and Hawk surface-to-air missiles
Israeli Spice glide bombs, Penetration bombs and cluster bombs
Israeli B500A1 laser-guided hard-target penetration bombs
US AGM-114 Hellfire air-to-surface anti-tank missiles