100-Word Fiction: ‘The Park’

These silent totems and the smog only a breath above. The still pond and the watchtower. The giant portakabin canteen empty, dust sticking to its grease, where briefly they came, once visited. The park meadows are left to nature. Not hacked back any more, weeds are growing now. The canal, sludged up, reveals its shoppingContinue reading “100-Word Fiction: ‘The Park’”

100-Word Fiction: ‘This Is a Possible Fiction’

Demands were made to sack them. If they excercised their legal rights, employers should be able to ensure workers had no job on their return: strikes should become illegal. The show must go on. So, shunt private cars from the roads, disrupt public services and tell the citizens to walk. Call for an exodus –Continue reading “100-Word Fiction: ‘This Is a Possible Fiction’”

100-Word Fiction: ‘Open Stage Directions for a New Play’

The reporter speaks to camera from the steps, recently swept, across the churchyard where huddles of tourists peer at maps and hold up camera phones, squinting into screens. A TV is being watched. The camera’s banal gaze focuses on the grey flagstones. Everything is clean as if a uniformity has returned, a natural order resumed.Continue reading “100-Word Fiction: ‘Open Stage Directions for a New Play’”

100-Word Fiction: ‘They will come again and again’

Archeologists discovered signs of large buildings here, perhaps a temple. Remnants of weapons were also found, including traces of what might have been poisons. Certainly battles were fought here. A small camp seems to have existed, with broken pots, pans and temporary shelters found all across the hillside near where a river once flowed. WeContinue reading “100-Word Fiction: ‘They will come again and again’”

100-Word Fiction: ‘Barricades’

Batten down the hatches Man the barricades Prepare to defend your privilege From the grenades of the betrayed Send in water cannons Baptise the unholy few Shoot them with rubber bullets But duck if they rebound onto you Let sirens be of comfort Reclaim the streets and the ‘feds’ Then raze the estates to theContinue reading “100-Word Fiction: ‘Barricades’”

100-Word Fiction: ‘If Time Can Stop’

When the train stops, time stops; that’s what they say around here. Worlds end and the unimaginable begins. We are smoked out into knowledge from the dark and the dust. But we are inconsistent, hypocritical, shallow. In other cities the same trains stop and the same people wait, forever at the platform. Frozen in griefContinue reading “100-Word Fiction: ‘If Time Can Stop’”