100-Word Fiction: ‘The Daffodil Girl’

She is the daffodil girl with the golden hair. She is here in the spring, telling us to slip off our winter coats. She is warmth and smiles, turning her face to the sun and the coming summer. She brings tales of childhood and hopes for the year ahead. I sometimes think the garden grows for her, because of her, in need of her. If in autumn she is nowhere, remember she’ll be back – glimpses of her come like a miracle even in the ice of January. She is always there; beneath the seasons she is constant. She is life.

100-Word Fiction: ‘A Cold Spring: Part 4’

Oh this spring has been ruinous. These reflections, thoughts! And then heating up yesterday’s leftovers of stew, listening to some millionaire on the radio, distracted by the garden’s bare earth and stunted buds. I got a text from friends on holiday earlier: the sun had come out and they had gone swimming. Here there are flurries of snow again. Tomorrow will be the same. We are becoming desperate. We do not know it but we are.

‘There’s only so long a coat keeps out the cold.’ It was all dad said as finished his pint and returned home to sleep.

100-Word Fiction: ‘We Will/Not’

We will prevail
We will not back down
We will be judged
We will not judge
We will be hated
We will not hate
We will tolerate
We will not be tolerated
We will watch as others take up arms
We will not lift a finger
We will love others
While others will not love us
We will sympathise
We will never be afforded sympathy
We will have lies told about us
We will not tell lies
We will respect
We will not be respected
Will we march?
We shall not march
Will we meet?
We shall never, never meet