100-Word Fiction: ‘A Complaint About the Building of Walls’

There is no good in a wall that only divides;
That only seeks to hinder and stop;
That only aims to split into sides;
That takes rupture and acts as a prop

There is no good in a wall that feigns to protect
While causing obstruction and hurt:
If it camouflages the onslaughts it’s supposed to deflect;
If it’s just a conduit for a hatred built in dirt

Walls provide refuge, but should they only rise
At the expense of freedom, progress and scope,
And cast only shadows, and help cement lies,
Then they leave only a barrier to hope

100-Word Fiction: ‘If I Could Just…’

If I could just…

Why were they looking so anxious? What were they trying to protect? Alaric knew. He knew! He tried again:

If I could just…

I think we need to look elsewhere, said one of the bosses.

Yes, yes, said one of the acolytes. We need to show some ingenuity, be more convincing.

They weren’t even listening to Alaric.

If I could…

We need to look at bringing more people in.

The meeting table looked like a battleground: legions of coffee cups, glasses, crisp packets.

And Alaric was a petty vandal caught up in their petty fucking empire.